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Campus Liaison (aka Student Brand Ambassador)

Campus Liaison (aka Student Brand Ambassador)

Company: Kaplan Test Prep
Job Type: Marketing

Job Description

A Kaplan Campus Liaison is responsible for connecting student networks, clubs, and organizations to the many graduate and professional school resources that Kaplan offers. Campus Liaisons are responsible for utilizing social media, word of mouth, and delivering presentations in order to build a presence of the Kaplan brand on your campus. By exploring networking opportunities available at such prestigious colleges, you and your team of fellow liaisons will work together in order to manage relationships with student leaders on your campus.

The Ivy League/Elite Campus Advantage:
Many Ivy League and Elite campus students plan to attend graduate or professional school, so there is a clear, constant need for test prep for the various admissions exams. By serving as a Campus Liaison, also known as Student Brand Ambassador, you will provide assistance to your fellow peers by providing them the opportunity to engage with Kaplan’s resources (articles, blog posts, free tools and events, etc.) while enhancing your leadership skills and building your professional network.

Get ready to have fun and be awesome - it’s literally our team motto. Apply today!


- Competitive hourly pay
- Free Kaplan Prep Course
- Enhanced leadership, communication, and networking skills
- Experience with social media engagement
- A world-leading education company on your resume
- Helping students achieve educational and career goals


- Increase Kaplan’s visibility on campus by promoting our mission to help students succeed
- Strengthen relationships with student organizations and leaders on campus
- Conduct presentations to deliver relevant information about graduate and professional school entrance exams and admissions
- Share content through your social media platforms while expanding your network
- Help direct students to available resources and answer questions regarding Kaplan courses
- Represent the Kaplan brand and mission with honesty, integrity, and professionalism


- Creative problem solver with excellent communication skills
- In-depth knowledge and understanding of social media engagement
- Skilled in fostering and growing relationships
- Involved in or an active leader of an organization on campus
- Ability to manage multiple initiatives while working independently and remotely
- Current undergraduate student on campus able to commit to one academic year